University of Colorado – Skagg’s School of Pharmacy Week

From Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, Iowa,  and all over the nation… Here they come!

Natalie Berner (left to right), Jake Grimes, Adrienne kercsak, Jamie Peters, and Matt Schumake pose in the Habitat warehouse for a pic on their last day. The pharmacy students from the U. of Colorado medical campus teamed up with Matt to finish and assemble a set of bunk-beds before they all had to leave. Matt built the beds to create a model for future volunteers to use as a template to build many more. This set was built to fit mattresses that were purchased for the Medicine Crow Habitat family by the First United Methodist Church of St. Loius, Michigan as a house warming gift. A special thanks to Pastor Terri Bentley who led a group from their Michigan parish to Crow Creek to help build the Medicine Crow home in September of 2012. First United’s efforts resulted in $2,200.00 in donations funding, 880 volunteer man-hours, and 6 brand new mattresses for the build. Another shout out of thanks goes to Brother Jake Grimes (second from left)  for traveling so far North from Lafayette, Louisiana to lend a hand. Jake came up to finish the framing tasks, but soon found himself laying sewer line, doing the in-floor plumbing and drain, pouring some concrete, AND a bunch of framing tasks. Jake helped the group frame the raised floor in the volunteer center,  and finish the in-floor plumbing and concrete work as well. Great leader. Thanks so much Jake!



In the Habitat warehouse (left), Matt explains the bed design, and the tasks that need to be finished to put the beds together to Twan Do, Imanibam Etukeren, and Adrienne. Twan (center) helps shave a little off of the frame to ensure a good fit. Ali Burgoon (right) poses with a european style deer mount Matt did for her while she was here from Columbia, Mo. on her alternative spring break service trip. “Hi Ali”! “See ya next year MIZZOU”!



(Above left) Matt shows Emily Sellers, and Jamie Beard from the University of Missouri “MIZZOU ASB” how to do lay-out and framing while working on some drop-soffit pieces for the volunteer center in  the last week of March. (Center) Adrienne and Jamie from Colorado enjoy working in the warehouse on the bed project. Everyone can  appreciate a good screw gun when you are rushing to complete a project! (Above right) Adrienne and her crew pose for a pic with Matt after completing the bed assembly. Next step, stain it.

Matt watches as Christina Zhang (above left) sands the boards that will create the bunkbeds. Matt and Jon (far right),  put their fish on James’ Jeep hood for a pic of their fish. “I heard they had some fun”.

“White Bear” (his new given name) came from Chicago in early February until the end of May to lend a hand getting the volunteer center started. A huge commitment. More of a furniture builder than a framing carpenter, Matt dove into any work I had pressing. He sweated copper fittings, framed walls, and even laid 100 feet of 6″ sewer pipe when we found to our dismay, our line had to be replaced all the way out to the 8″ main line. He accomplished a lot, and learned a lot too, becoming an excellent worksite leader by the time the groups started arriving. “Matt, how can I ever thank you enough”? A very hard working volunteer, Matt was involved in almost everything that went on around here during his stay. He even spent some time fishing with my sons James and Jon.  After many, many days of work, and some of play…Matt finally says good-bye to hurry off to his sister’s graduation ceremonies in Missouri. So long good friend…miss you like crazy!

If you would like to come to South Dakota and join in all the fun this year, the contact info is below….

Bob Werner at 605-680-0402
P.O. Box 487
Fort Thompson, SD 57339

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