A Vacation / Volunteer Combo In South Dakota

So far, all Dacotah Tipis Habitat for Humanity volunteers have found their experience rewarding and memorable – but there’s more to do. As a matter of fact there’s so much to do we recommend that you extend your stay.
Here is what you’ll find in the Crow Creek area:

Akta Lakota Museum
& Cultural Center

PO Box 89
Chamberlain, SD 57325

Opened in 1991, St. Joseph’s museum boasts a proud collection of traditional items, art, research material and more. As an outreach program of St. Joseph’s Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center, the museum operates entirely on donations. Admission is free; tours are offered, and visitors are welcome year-round!

Visitors benefit from a mini-theater, English-Lakota descriptions, a research/archive library and the stunning Collector’s Gallery, where local artists display and sell their work.



The Missouri River in Crow Creek offers the best Walleye Fishing in the country!


Contact info for the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation is:
P.O. Box 658
Fort Thompson, SD 57339
Phone (605) 245-2221

The Crow Creek Reservation offers exceptional upland game bird and waterfowl hunting, as well as deer, antelope and varmint hunting. Wild populations of ring-necked pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chickens are found throughout the tribal lands. As a prominent feature of the Central Waterfowl Flyway, huge numbers of migrating ducks and geese pass through the area, and premier waterfowl hunting is the result. Over 130,000 acres of tribal land can be hunted with a valid tribal hunting license.

The season on the reservation opens two weeks earlier than the South Dakota regular season. If you want to use a guide, they are available at Crow Creek. I would recommend using one. The reservation also had a November and December Deer Hunt last year by which several trophy mule deer and whitetails were taken.

Casino, Hotel,
and Dining

Lode Star Casino

605-245-6000 (Casino)
605-245-2899 (Hotel)
PO Box 140

Ft. Thomson, SD 57339

And, not too far away there’s a lot more…Click here to see(Badlands National Park shown to the right;
SD Tourism video shown below.)
badlands national park

Learn about the Dacota 38

Click here for Full Dacota 38 movie

If you plan to volunteer, please become familiar with the best practices for safety and loss prevention.

Volunteer Safety Training

Christ Episcopal Church on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation
Faith Based Partnerships

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