The 2011 / 2012 Winter Fundraising Campaign

house Goal: $50,000
($25,000 monetary,
$25,000 in in-kind donations.)

Raised: $5,000
as if 12/15/2010

Habitat House

Winter is almost here and our building activities are slowing down. The winter weather in South Dakota is extreme and most of our volunteer crews why away from this area until spring or summer. So, this is a good time for us to do some well needed fund raising – and since we’re expecting a record building season, the cost will be significant.

So our plan is to become deeply involved in the following activities:

General Website Improvement: We plan to provide a clearer message on the Dacotah Tipis website about the importance of our home building activity on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation. As part of the improvement we will enhance the site’s ability to be found by visitor using search engines such as Google.

On-line Advertising: We have accepted into the Google Grants program which allows us to use their Ad Words product without charge. Provided we follow their guidelines, we can significantly increase website traffic. This, combined with previously mentioned improvements should increase our online donations.

Direct Mail: For the past month we’ve been preparing the first Dacotah Tipis newsletter. This will be sent to the nearby communities along with a cover letter asking for support. Based on the success of the direct mail campaign, we will progressively expand the circulation into other communities.

Grant Writing: Many of our grants have been impacted by the slower economy yielding lower amounts than in previous years. We plan to offset this by applying for more grants using volunteers for the grant writing efforts.

A “yet to be planned” Public Event: This will be something along the line of an art auction, wine-tasting, or a dinner with a celebrity speaker.

Learn about the Dacota 38

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If you plan to volunteer, please become familiar with the best practices for safety and loss prevention.

Volunteer Safety Training

Christ Episcopal Church on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation
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