See Mount Rushmore …and more!

Mount Rushmore
When you become involved with a Dacotah Tipis Habitat for Humanity build in South Dakota, we always suggest taking some extra time to see the area attractions. Mount Rushmore draws the most attention as it is a “Bucket List” national monument, but that’s only one of many great things to see. Our suggestion is to fly into Rapid City then go from there. It is an easy drive from Rapid City to Mount Rushmore – and the ride is absolutely scenic.

Crazy Horse MemorialThe Crazy Horse Memorial isn’t far from the Mount Rushmore Memorial and well worth seeing. It’s educational and interesting. There is a short movie to watch in the visitor center, but it is a must-see. The Crazy Horse story provides a true understanding of the Black Hills history. It may also be worth your time to travel through the Black Hills – especially along Needles Highway, a truly beautiful and majestic route through the granite spires.

Cathedral Spires along Needles Highway




Speaking of granite spires and the Needles Highway, The Cathedral Spires are the most scenic and can be viewed from many angles.




Buffalo at Custer State Park


You have to see Custer State Park. Once again the scenery is great. You’ll see buffalo along the road and a few “begging burros”. Then if you look along the ridges, you might spot some bighorn sheep. So take your time and enjoy.



Wall Drug

Wall Drug is sort of a tourist trap but it provides a well needed rest after traveling from the Black Hills area. There are billboard signs giving the distance to Wall Drug as far away as Australia, and the stop has some international notoriety. Okay, it’s touristy, but in a fun way. I enjoyed it and found some good books on Native American history. And if you haven’t tried a Bison Burger yet, you can have one here with a five cent cup of coffee.

badlands national park



The Badlands National Park is very close to Wall Drug and there is a lot to see. A short detour off the interstate puts you on a highway that loops thru some of the most beautiful and rugged lands in our nation. Make sure your camera has a good charge on it because there is a lot of scenery. Most likely you’ll be seeing pronghorn antelope, buffalo, and probably close up. You’ll see prairie dogs for sure.

Akta Lakota Museum



The Akta Lakota Museum in Chamberlain is next. By the time you get to there you will be in need of a rest from driving. This is a good place to stop and see the excellent exhibits of Native American culture and arts. The museum is free but they do provide an opportunity to make a donation.

Crow Creek Sioux Indian ReservationAfter leaving the Akta Lakota Museum, the next stop is the Crow Creek Indian Reservation, home of the Dakota Sioux. There’s a lot to do and see on the reservation including great views of the Missouri River which offers some of the country’s best walleye fishing. As you visit the Lode Star Casino and the other establishments, you’ll find the people friendly and talkative.

Building with Habitat for Humanity



Now for the most rewarding event: The Dacotah Tipis Habitat for Humanity Build. This is where you can make a difference in peoples lives and you can see the results unfold. Clearly, you will know why you’re there. For many, this is a life changing experience and after a first visit, many return year after year.



Hopefully this makes a good case for you to get involved. I’ll close with the following:

  • It’s fun
  • It’s interesting and educational
  • It’s rewarding and you will never forget the experience.

To get involved, contact:
Jim Huntley
Dacotah Tipis Habitat for Humanity
P.O. Box 487
Fort Thompson, SD 57339
605-245-2450 Office/Fax
605-680-0402 Cel

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  1. Karen Karten says:

    I’m interested in volunteering for a week in June. Are there any spaces available and what type of work would it be? Coming from the East Coast. In good health and shape. Retired teacher. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hank says:


      We would like to have you come out and help. There’s a lot going on both with the program and culturally. The plan is to complete the home now in process – then put two prefab homes up. Later in the summer is the Crow Creek Powwow. To set up your trip, please contact Jim Huntley. The contact information is:
      605-245-2450 Office
      605-680-0402 Cel

      Thank you,


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