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Tigers Take on Crow Creek

This week we had a group of 12 volunteers come into Fort Thompson from the University of Missouri, a part of the Alternative Spring Break program. The Tigers have come to Crow Creek to spend their spring break learning about the Native American culture and to work with Habitat for Humanity.On Monday, the group helped continue the work being done on the new Volunteer Center in the basement of the Golden Age Center. The next thing on the list was to build some interior walls and also the group started the electrical wiring for rooms. By the end of the day on Monday, the group finished an interior wall and had built the frame for the soffit. The group’s goal is to help hang drywall by the end of the week.We commend this group for making the decision to to spend their spring break doing work that will benefit the Crow Creek Reservation!
A broken nail gun didn’t stop the tigers! A volunteer signing his name on a wall stud A volunteer shining light into the joists to rewire a light
A volunteer signing a wall stud Jim Huntley rewiring a light A volunteer shining light into the joists


Read about the University of Missouri’s Alternative Spring Break Program here.

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