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Construction on the Volunteer Center is Underway!

Snow on Crow CreekIt’s winter here in Buffalo County. Snow is falling over the hills, ice fishermen are pulling walleye out of the Missouri River, and the volunteers at Dacotah Tipis are working hard to get the new Volunteer Center ready for spring.

The crew broke ground—or drywall to be specific—on February 6. Since then, they have been stripping out the old fixtures to prepare for building. Once completed, the volunteer center will feature a kitchen, dining area, warm showers, bunks for 48 volunteers, and a private room for our volunteer coordinator. In addition, the center will feature a memorial wall with donors’ names displayed on a plaque and a little extra space for volunteers to sign their own names.

In the words of our executive director, the center is a place “for our volunteers, by our volunteers,” and we are excited to get them in there. So far we have gotten a good amount of work done but there is still plenty to do. In the coming weeks we will be plumbing, framing, painting, installing drywall, building bunk beds, and putting in new cabinets. If you have any experience in these fields or if you would like to sharpen your skills, please review our volunteer page and get in touch with us!

Volunteer Center

The Missouri River

The above photos were taken by Matt Schumake, a Dacotah Tipis Volunteer currently working on the Volunteer Center. He is also the author of this blog post. Thank you Matt!



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