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Dacotah Tipis honors their Supporter of the Year

Habitat for Humanity Supporter of the Year


Press Release / 11.2012

Dacotah Tipis Habitat for Humanity Recognizes “Mike Kramer”

Mike Kramer (center) was recently honored at Habitat for Humanity – South Dakota’s annual Supporter of the Year banquet in Sioux Falls. Like all Habitat for Humanity affiliates, Dacotah Tipis receives the help and support from numerous individuals, businesses, and groups each year.  Mike Kramer was awarded Dacotah Tipis Supporter of the Year for his dedication and financial contributions to Dacotah Tipis’ Medicine Crow build on the organization’s 2012 20th anniversary.

Mike Kramer of Grand Rapids, Michigan- 2012 Supporter of the Year

Mike Kramer is a life-long member of The Servants of the Word, a Christian, missionary brotherhood of men living single for the Lord. He is also the director of Kairos Mission Trips, a project that sponsors short-term mission trips and character-forming environments for high school students. Through these environments, teens learn that life is not about the development of self but about bringing glory to God and serving others.

Mike’s generous partnership with Dacotah Tipis in 2012 provided two major volunteer groups, and $6000.00 of grant funding he leveraged with nearly1000 volunteer hours, and $2,300.00 in volunteer donations, making an incredible impact on the community of Fort Thompson, SD. and on Dacotah Tipis Habitat for Humanity’s 20th Anniversary Medicine Crow Home Build.

The purpose of the annual Habitat celebration is to inform, inspire and invest. The day began with a Habitat-South Dakota Board meeting and a training session for the South Dakota Habitat affiliates and statewide board representatives. The topic this year was “Working to create a state housing trust fund in South Dakota.”

Scott Parsley from Madison, SD. took the group on a photo tour of his Viet Nam Veterans Global Village trip to Viet Nam earlier this year. His group built a Habitat home for a family in 122 degree heat! Scott has been a Habitat volunteer and board member for his local affiliate and currently for Habitat South Dakota. He began volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in the early 1990’s.

To learn more about Habitat’s work in your local community, Contact:

James J. Huntley, Executive Director Habitat for Humanity Dacotah Tipis
P.O. Box 487
Fort Thompson, SD 57339
605-245-2450 Office/Fax
605-680-0402 Cel

First United Methodist – St. Louis, Michigan!

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group
The First United Methodist Church of St. Louis, Michigan partnered with Dacotah Tipis in September to help the Medicine Crow family work towards the completion of their home. Pictured from top left to right are: Janice Knapp, Lorna Robar, Austen Cook, Julie Shimunek, Debbie Brune, Rhonda Rennhack, Nancy Hodges, Barbara Hagen, Marcia Royer, Jo Ward, Linda Johnson, Lou Irvin, and Pastor Terri Bentley. On the porch steps are Conrad Medicine Crow holding son Jacob, Codi Holding son Joshua, and son Craig. Bottom row from left to right are:Tom Bentley, Dennis Rennhack, Cheryl Sabatovich, Rich Sabatovich, Gary Irvin, John Shimunek, Philip Robar, Ken Hagen, Eric Johnson and Chauncey Long Crow.
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group
Pastor Terry prepares to lead the group in a morning prayer, Filled with blessings for the family and their home, and prayers for peace and unity while we are about His work. Jim shows Marcia and Cheryl how to carefully and effectively sand the corners out. The gals did a fantastic job getting walls and ceilings ready for texturing! Tom (far right) and Philip (center) step up to help Ken and the trim crew get the picture-window jamb box together.
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group
Janis Knapp keeps an eye on the trim crew (Ken and John) as they invade a  freshly painted kitchen! Codi is busy cutting in her corners in the background. Tom and Debbie work on the underlayment flooring, while Gary checks on the air pressure for the stapler and nail guns. After painting the front door jamb, Austen admires how fast Dennis and that 18″ roller can paint an area that big. “Thanks Dennis for all that hard work”! Jim
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group
Tom sets up multiple BBQ’s to handle the pork chops for one of their group meals at Diamond Willow Ministries campus. What a difference a group can make in a week’s time. Each blog post shows the progress towards completions. Stay tuned! Group cooks Nancy and Rhonda came over to see the progress on the house  during their break for “Indian Taco Day” lunch.
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Group
Conrad wields an 18″ roller full of semi-gloss painting his kitchen with Codi and Janice. Conrad, Codi, and family The Spirit of the Circle Monument honors more than 1,300 people who died after the forcible relocation of the Santee Sioux to Crow Creek

Learn about the Dacota 38

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If you plan to volunteer, please become familiar with the best practices for safety and loss prevention.

Volunteer Safety Training

Christ Episcopal Church on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation
Faith Based Partnerships

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