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Our volunteers – our most important asset.


Meet Bob Vickars, Ron Hopkins, and Chuck Tillinghast. Although these three gentlemen are from different parts of the country and different walks of life, they all have the same reasons for being involved with the Dacotah Tipis Habitat project here at Crow Creek… To give back to the Creator and society. Bob and his wife Pam roared up here in their motorcoach for a week or so of service from South Carolina. Ron owns Hopkins Plumbing & Heating in Chamberlain, SD and was happy to roll up to Fort Thompson to consult us on the rough-in @ no charge, and to provide us with the plumbing supplies for the home. Chuck drove out from Boston after becoming a lay-off victim of the economy to spend a couple weeks helping me finish painting the home and hang sheet rock. These folks didn’t HAVE to come, they didn’t get compensated for anything, and they probably spent a wad to get here and get home, but when I ask them if it was worth it, they all say the same thing… “I’m so happy I came, I had a wonderful experience here. I really enjoyed myself working on the home. It was well worth it!” 

Pam McClure, Bob’s wife, played a support role of cold drinks, food, and safety supervision when she wasn’t working and painting on the house. Bob and Pam fit the catagory of caravanners, driving their motorcoach here, camping along our wonderful Lake Sharpe, and working on the Habitat project during their stay.Pam had Bob bring the coach to the project everyday so she had all the comforts of home while on site. After what Bob himself had charectorized as a “fantastic time” working with us for a week or two, he has already begun to plan his trip here next year, recruiting a few more caravanners for a week of service together as a team. “I want to buy a whole week next year so we can have the place all to ourselves when I bring the team!” says Bob. A special thanks to Bob and Pam for their generosity and service.
Chuck painted a few houses in the summers to get through college, so he was an old hat at getting the job done. He made it look so easy, and was having so much fun that Bob just had to go outside and paint with him and Pam. Turned out it wasn’t that easy with warm, dry, and breezy conditions trying to dry the paint on the rollers and brushes. Great job Chuck! Thanks!

 If you would like to travel to South Dakota, see all we have to offer and join us on the Habitat Build project, then give me a call, load up the rig and come on out. We can use the help, and you will have… in Bob Vickars’ words… “a fantastic time you will never forget”.

I’m Jim Huntley,  and I would love to take your call for more info @ 605-680-0402. 


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If you plan to volunteer, please become familiar with the best practices for safety and loss prevention.

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